State Senator Mensch visits Demco Automation

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch (24th Senatorial District) visited Demco Automation before returning to session in January. During the facility tour, topics such as the business climate in the technology and manufacturing sectors, jobs in the region, and how Ben Franklin Technology Partners development programs assist businesses grow in the State were discussed.

During the tour of the production area, turnkey assembly systems were demonstrated showing how Demco Automation is helping various industries increase production capacity and quality in a global economy.

Demco Automation’s Compact 4-Station Dial Base Machine

For cases where manual operations or auxiliary equipment must work in concert with automated processes, Demco Automation has developed the Demco Wedge™ SD-04-Semi-Automatic 4-Station Rotary Dial. The SD-04 chassis is designed to interface with up to two Operators or other equipment or automated cells.

Demco Automation Develops Servo Dial Indexer Option

Demco Automation has developed a Servo Dial Indexer option for Demco Wedge™ Dial Base Machine
Chassis. This option provides programmable positions instead of the typical fixed position/number of indexes
typically found on cam-based indexers. Possibilities include enabling multiple nest styles on the Dial
eliminating tooling changeover, and a current limiting feature that can replace a mechanical overload clutch.

For more information on this offering, please contact Demco Automation.

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