Wedge Systems (Tooled & Untooled)

Flexible, scalable platforms for automated manufacturing

Our patented Demco Wedge® product platforms provide your manufacturing processes with flexibility, modularity, scalability and reconfigurability at the station level and are engineered directly into the system. Whether in a rotary dial chassis, walking beam, or LEAN cell, Demco Wedge process stations can be added, removed or rearranged to adapt to changing manufacturing requirements.

And with Demco Wedge based systems, your investment can be repurposed. You can start with just a single Wedge Station on a benchtop to begin your automation process or validate initial product concepts, then add wedge stations as your budget and project expands. These tools can later be used on our base chassis to completely automate the process.

Project Examples Include:
  • Miniature O-Ring Insertion Station
  • Benchtop Semi-automatic Cannula Bend & Inspect
  • 2-Station LEAN Assembly Cell
  • 6-Station Connector Assembly System
  • 10-Station Transformer Assembly System with SCARA Robot
  • 10-Station Hub Bonding System
  • 16-Station Automation Platform to Major Medical Device Manufacturer (Untooled)

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