About Us

Over three decades of commitment to technical solutions in manufacturing

Since 1989, Demco Automation™ has been delivering custom manufacturing automation technologies to customers in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim. Our services range from providing entire turnkey automation systems to on-site service for existing equipment. This also includes the design, development and construction of lean manufacturing cells, jigs and fixtures used for manual and semi-automatic assembly, machining services and other services related to typical manufacturing environments.

Technology & Intellectual Property

Demco Automation develops advanced processes for high-technology industry sectors that enable our partners to realize our years of expertise in automated manufacturing. These products and systems drive the competitive advantage required in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment.

In order to provide maximum value to our customer/partner base, Demco Automation is diligent in developing offerings that provide ongoing value and innovation. The Demco Wedge® technology platform (patented) was developed to provide a scalable, modular, and flexible platform for custom automated assembly processes enabling the user to reuse equipment from manual through fully-automated processes and thus gaining a high return on investment (ROI) and maximum flexibility in an ever-changing marketplace.

Industry Focus

Demco Automation’s core competency is the design, development and manufacture of custom automation equipment and controls for assembling, testing, inspecting, and packaging small parts. Target industries include manufacturers of medical devices, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, optical discs, consumer products, commercial/industrial products, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and bio-technology.


Demco Automation is a full-service organization that includes in-house electrical, controls and mechanical engineering, design, machining and fabrication, wiring and panel building, process development, installation and commissioning services and ongoing customer support.

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