Demco Wedge® Base Machine Chassis

Flexible, scalable platforms for automated manufacturing

The Demco Wedge Base Machine Chassis provides a platform that can be scaled to meet any requirement. From a simple benchtop operation to a pallet conveyor system network interconnecting multiple base machines, a Wedge chassis has been developed to meet the application.

The philosophy behind the Wedge platform is one of no obsolescence. For that reason, each chassis is built to last. Our rugged framing (three-inch welded steel supports) provides a solid foundation for  station operation. We use one-inch Blanchard ground steel tabletops for maximum durability and robustness, and feature such quality names as Camco and Bosch for our indexers and in-line conveyors.

The Demco Wedge platform is built using distributed controls. Unlike other automation platforms available, the Base Machine Chassis houses a patented technology to provide modularity, scalability and flexibility down to the station level, This means that a Wedge station can operate as a stand-alone benchtop station, or can be fully automated by plugging into a Base Machine Chassis. There’s no additional programming necessary. By simply plugging and unplugging Wedge stations, a Wedge Base Machine Chassis can be modified or completely reconfigured, eliminating obsolescence.

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