Rotary Dial

Automatic and semi-automatic operation in a rotary dial environment

The Demco Wedge® product platform offers a variety of rotary dial options that provide flexibility, modularity and scalability for custom assembly automation.  From operator interaction, robotic loading and unloading, pallet conveyor integration, to automated feeding and a myriad of assembly processes, Demco Automation™ provides different variations to meet your specific production requirements.

SD-04 Semi-Automatic 4-Station Rotary Dial

The SD-04 chassis is designed to interface with up to two operators. The operator(s) have access to the dial and can perform loading, unloading or complicated assembly tasks that are too difficult to automate. A light curtain is supplied to protect the operator. The chassis can be run in one of the following system configurations:

  • One or two operators with up to four Wedge stations
  • Zero or one operator, one auxiliary station, and up to four Wedge stations
  • No Operators, up to two auxiliary stations, and up to four Wedge stations
SD-10 Semi-Automatic 10-Station Rotary Dial

The SD-10 chassis is designed to interface with an operator. The operator has access to the dial and can perform loading, unloading or odd form assembly tasks. A light curtain is supplied to protect the operator. If desired, the chassis can also be run in a full automatic mode and include an auxiliary station such as a press or robot cell.

AD-16 Automatic 16-Station Rotary Dial

The AD-16 has the capability of handling up to 16 stations for fully automated operation.

AD-06 Automatic 6-Station Rotary Dial

The AD-06, was specifically developed to address a growing market demand for two-three part component assemblies. At 51″ x 58″, the AD-06 is the smallest dial chassis available in the rotary dial product offering.

AD-20 Automatic 20-Station Rotary Dial

This dual dial machine is comprised of two SD-10 base machines facing each other. An interface plate on which a transfer device can be mounted handles part transfer between machines This configuration allows part assemblies to be flipped and transferred to the other dial, or one part can be assembled and transferred to a component on the other dial, giving great flexibility to any dual-dial requirement.The control systems are designed to be connected together allowing control and emergency stops from either machine.

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