Engineering know-how and experience with successful automated manufacturing systems

Automated assembly equipment is made up of complex assembly processes that take engineering know-how and experience to ensure a reliable and successful system implementation on the production floor. Demco Automation’s long history of providing a wide variety of automated manufacturing equipment processes gives you the advantage in procuring a system for your manufacturing area.

Although each application is different, our expertise in the following key areas make Demco Automation™ well versed in configuring the best process for your facility:

Capabilities Include:
  • UV Adhesive Dispensing
  • Vision Inspection and Vision Guided Placement
  • Robotic Vacuum Tray Filling
  • Thick Film Laser Trimming
  • Bag and Label Print
  • Spring Feeding, Screw Feeding
  • Eyelet Forming, Punching, Blanking, Forming, and Bending
  • Flywheel, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Press Systems
  • Ultrasonic Welding, Heat Staking, Heat Sealing
  • Metered fluid dispensing
  • Pad Printing
  • Work Order and Production Configuration Utilities
  • Hi-Pot, Torque, and Leak Decay Testing
  • Orienting, Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Flex Feeders
  • Laser Marking & Welding Workstations

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