Automatic and semi-automatic operation in a benchtop environment

Demco Automation™ provides benchtop automation in various forms for different needs.  In cases where scalability and modularity are of primary importance, a Demco Wedge® Station can be used as a stand-alone benchtop unit.  When compact, dedicated use is your priority, customized systems are designed to meet your specific application.

MT-01 Benchtop Controls for Standalone Wedge Stations

In its most basic form, a single Demco Wedge Station with the addition of a MT-01 tabletop controller provides an entry level automation process for lower volume production. An operator loads and/or unloads parts manually as a semi-automatic operation.

The system includes all required hardware, safety circuits, and indicators. Alarms are displayed and reset from the operator panel. A holder is provided to mount a work piece nest. In the benchtop configuration, the operator simply loads the nest, depresses the pair of safety buttons, and the station performs its cycle.

This system is ideal for small production and prototype runs. It also is commonly used to set-up, program, and maintain stations.  Additionally, as needs change, the station can be plugged into any one of our other Wedge Chassis and reused as a part of a larger system, enabling equipment reuse.

Application Specific & Custom Benchtop Units

When your benchtop process does not require the scalability of our Demco Wedge platform, a tooled unit designed specifically to your process application requirements is available.  Features such as integrated dual palm button safety circuits, pneumatics, sensing, PLC control, or others are tailored according to your process and budgetary requirements.

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