Automated Battery Manufacturing Systems

With the advent of escalating demand in battery markets such as lithium-ion and other emerging battery platforms, automation is more critical than ever.  Today’s battery manufacturing environment is highly competitive and constantly changing.  To maximize your ROI and equipment implementation deadlines, Demco Automation draws on over 30 years of innovation to provide you with solutions that you can count on every day in your manufacturing facility.

Proven designs – Production lines that utilize proven design techniques

Maximize equipment life – Systems that consider flexibility, scalability, and modularity to minimize equipment obsolescence

Reconfigure as needs change – Have the ability to reconfigure your capital equipment as needs change

Use the right kind of equipment design – Tailor the equipment solution to your specific needs and strategy

Starting with the basics of your manufacturing process, Demco Automation™ creates custom automated assembly systems from the ground up using proven engineering approaches to minimize risk while maximizing reliability. Various material handling technologies are implemented depending upon the best approach for your specific application requirements.

Material Handling:

  • Power-and-free pallet conveying systems
  • SCARA, multi-axis, and Cartesian robots
  • Walking beam indexers
  • Rotary dial indexers
  • Indexing conveyors
  • Cam-driven transmissions
  • Motor-based motion-controlled devices

Tooling, Mechanisms, and Controls:

  • Screw driving, punching, staking, forming
  • Vision inspection, RFID, barcode reading
  • Flex feeding, bowl feeding, tray handling, De-reel
  • EOL testing, databases

Process Examples:

  • Laser welding and marking process integration
  • Leak and pressure decay testing
  • Combination of automated and manual processes
  • Battery array and consolidation
  • Label apply
  • Precision placement, vision-guided placement
  • Manual assembly stations

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