Demco Automation featured in ASSEMBLY Magazine’s inaugural Medical Device E-Book

February 16, 2021 – Demco Automation is featured in ASSEMBLY Magazine’s inaugural e-book focusing on medical device assembly. With an introduction from John Sprovieri, Chief Editor, the e-book provides valuable information on real-world highlights of medical device automation projects, medical device manufacturing, capital spending, and the outlook of industrial automation.

Sprovieri states that “…North America remains the single largest market for medical devices, accounting for some 39 percent of global sales.”

Demco Automation describes how the use multiple industrial robots provide flexibility and multitasking within a 24-station system developed by the company to produce an actuation device for surgical instruments. Additionally, teamwork and collaboration with the customer was the formula for meeting program objectives.

President & CEO, Stephen Maund describes the team-based interactions that occurred throughout the program:

A team effort, both internally and externally, was critical to the project’s success. “Our technical team met with the customer on numerous occasions to discuss how best to design certain components with the primary goal to reduce risk and maximize success of the assembly process while
maintaining product performance,” says Maund. “For this application, there were features within an injection-molded component that were designed to improve automated feeding, orienting and gripping. We worked together with the customer’s manufacturing engineers and product engineers in
various locations across the U.S.”

For a PDF including the introduction and Demco Automation’s feature segment, follow this link:

Demco Automation’s ASSMEBLY E-Book article

For the complete e-book by ASSEMBLY Magazine, follow this link: Automating Medical Device Assembly

About Demco Automation
Demco Automation is a leading supplier of industrial robotics and automated manufacturing systems to technology-based industry sectors. The company has grown to service customers throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Known for its experience in developing modular automation systems and robotics for industrial processes, Demco designs and manufactures all products within its Quakertown, PA facility. Customers include manufacturers of medical devices, aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, consumer products, commercial/industrial products, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and bio-technology.

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