With Continued Growth, Demco Automation Announces New Facility

new-facility-2January 7, 2017 – Demco Automation has finalized agreements and is in the final phases of completing construction of a new facility. The larger site will support its continued growth as a leading automated systems supplier.

The 35,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility includes expanded manufacturing assembly bays, additional engineering offices, and lab space to support advanced process development activities.

“With our emphasis on developing highly customized processes coupled with the increased global demand for automation and robotics, we have seen consistent double digit annual growth this decade,” said Stephen Maund, President and CEO. “because of this, we are in a situation where a larger facility is needed.”

The increase in assembly and integration areas provide flex space for bigger systems without reconfiguring the manufacturing floor. Maund added, “Our business has expanded in recent years to include larger production lines as well as our existing offerings of smaller scale systems for medical device and other industry sectors.”

“Additions to engineering, applications, and operations support over the past few years filled our office space with no room for expansion in the existing facility.” Maund continued. Current plans are to complete the move by February, 2017.

New Facility Press Release

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Scalable Automation a Path to Turnkey Success

Tooled AD16 for medical device industryU.S. TECH MAGAZINE – August 2016
by Stephen Maund President & CEO – Demco Automation

The world of custom automation used in electronics and other industries is a game of which direction to proceed — user-operated benchtop stations, or full turnkey systems. By creating a scalable automation strategy from the beginning, equipment reuse, risk reduction, and incremental implementation can be realized. By approaching an automation strategy in an incremental way, benefits such as the opportunity to prove risky or untested processes before “going all in” on a full turnkey system, a reduction in initial capital outlay at the beginning of a program, and the quick launch of critical processes for production are gained.

Before starting a custom automation project, be sure to do the homework and plan obsolescence out of the strategy. Use the principles of modularity, scalability and flexibility to create a reconfigurable automation system for the production process. In the end, it can extend budget dollars and increase the longevity of equipment in a competitive global marketplace.

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Scalable Automation Reprint August 2016

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