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Demco Automation is referenced as a cost-effective, modular, and flexible automation solution for medical device contract manufacturers.

Medical Product Outsourcing Magazine, “Putting the Pieces Together –  Assembly and automation operations must be nimble to meet ever-changing client demands and product needs” – by Mark Crawford

Modular Automation

Many contract manufacturers lean toward semi-automated assembly processes that are nimble and scalable so they can work with rapidly changing OEM demands and get products to market faster. Smaller product lots and shorter product life cycles also keep full automation at low priority because of the time involved to validate the larger-scale process, as well as the high cost in machinery and time. “Using modular automated assembly equipment is a good way to reduce the overall cost of production,” said Rudolf Pavlik, product development manager for ASI, a Millersburg, Pa.-based contract manufacturer of OEM healthcare products and single-use systems.

“Demco Automation’s Wedge system, for example, is highly customizable and a relatively inexpensive way to automate lower-volume projects.” This system consists of either tooled or untooled stations with distributed controls that plug into a base chassis (bench-top, rotary dial, inline and walking beam models) for immediate start up. Each station is a tooling plate that is equipped with an on-board controls box that includes a controller, wiring, valve manifold and input blocks; they also come with pinning, tapping and key holes that align with docking stations on the chassis platform. Stations can operate alone as a tabletop station or plug into the base chassis to operate in a manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode. According to Pavlik, Demco’s proprietary Windows-based PLC programming (programmable logic controller; primarily used to control machinery) is easy to operate; stations are programmed by simply checking boxes on a PC screen for a sequence of designated inputs and outputs. – Read the entire article at: Putting the Pieces Together

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