Automated Assembly Systems

Demco Automation is a leading supplier of reliable, cost-effective and low-risk automated manufacturing systems for technology-based industry sectors. We specialize in developing and implementing advanced technology automation platforms configured to meet your unique, specific strategic goals and objectives. Whether your manufacturing challenges require a custom system or one of our patented product platforms, Demco Automation will develop a process solution tailored to your unique needs.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators

Demco Automation is also a distributor for SMAC moving coil actuators. Position, motion, and force are programmable features of this versatile product. Please visit or contact Demco Automation for more information.

Industry Specific Automation

33rd Annual Inc. 500 Ranking for Demco Automation

Demco Automation excels at the design, development and manufacture of custom automation equipment and controls for assembling, testing, inspecting and packaging small parts. Industries currently using Demco Automation systems include:

  • Medical devices, pharmaceutical, and biotech
  • Electronics and semiconductor
  • Commercial/industrial products
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Optical discs
  • Consumer products
Process Capabilities & Experience

Demco Automation has extensive experience and proven expertise in all the areas required to configure the best process for your manufacturing application:

  • Small part assembly, testing, packaging
  • Robotic assembly cells, assembly machines, automated assembly lines
  • Vision systems, bar code scanning, labeling
  • Laser marking, welding, gluing, liquid filling
  • Tooling, punches, dies, pressing, crimping, forming
  • Material handling, pallet conveyor systems, indexing and linear motion
  • PLC and PC-based control systems
  • Safety guarding, ergonomic solutions, LEAN manufacturing cells
  • Semi-automatic stations, workstations

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