Demco Automation Hosts 2017 Manufacturing Day Event

On October 6, 2017, Demco Automation hosted a Manufacturing Day event celebrating advanced manufacturing. The event invited community members including groups such as students, educators and others to learn about the design and construction of robotics and automation. Attendees saw videos, robots in action, and automated equipment as it is used in advanced manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

Manufacturing Day is a national effort started in 2012 to promote awareness of manufacturing and its contributions to a 21st century society. In 2016, more than quarter million students and over half a million participants were on-hand to learn about manufacturing, technology, career options, and the overall benefits of the manufacturing sector to our communities and economy.

To see an infographic on how Manufacturing Day statistics and how it impacts the perception of manufacturing, please follow the link at: MFG-DAY-Infographic

For more information about Demco Automation’s Manufacturing Day event, please see our Manufacturing Day page at: Demco Automation 2017 Manufacturing Day Event

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